We’re helping hand on

Join our vision to make someone smile.

• Conduct a special project for all Bangladeshis in which everyone may participate and rejoice.

• Each year, we’ll donate at least $100,000.00 AUD to BD for the benefit of disadvantaged people in Bangladesh through a trusted agency.

• By exchanging information, aiding Bangladeshi enterprises, and maintaining contact with Bangladeshis living in Australia who are in need (for financial reasons).

• When Bangladeshis are in need, we will assist them financially or in any other way in Australia.

• Promote Bangladeshi culture, heritage, music, art, and sports to the larger community.

• Assist our youth in establishing relationships with one another and in engaging with Bangladesh.

• Women’s advancement in Australia and Bangladesh.

Need initiative from you

We want to help other

As you are probably aware, over 50,000 people have migrated to Australia from Bangladesh. All Bangladeshis living overseas have a special place in their hearts for Bangladesh. I believe that no one can say no if I request a small Australian gold coin each year to support our needy Bangladeshi families, who may be our uncle, aunt, brother, sister, or children. They are attempting to sell them for food. They lost faith in them. A significant number of our children are unable to continue their education due to financial reasons.

With your help, I’d like to reassure them that we are here for them. We’ll notify them that your brother/sister/uncle/aunt is available to help you. We require a $2/year donation from each of us. That will be a minimum of $2*50000= 100,000.00.

Additionally, we’ll host three to four fundraising events each year. If we can earn $5000.00 profit per event, we will earn a minimum of $20000.00 per year. Companies that want to help us look after a few poor kids who are studying in Bangladesh should get in touch with us.

Who will initiate

A few of us will initiate the process, but we will all work for our mother, our motherland, and our base, from which we are currently standing.

Need support from

All of you
A Journalist
Community organisation
A Bangladeshi business owner
Every Bangladeshi in Australia.
Our Next Generation
Join to Us

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    329 Queensberry Street, North Me bourne, Australia.

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